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      I suspect that the reason there isn’t much explanation for things is because most of the instructions are for alarm professionals.  I’m just some guy.

      I have doors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and window sensors.

      I think i know which “definition” for the windows and doors:  “01 = burglar entry/exit 1”.

      but what are the other “definitions” typically for?

      and which ones are typically not used for “stay” settings?

      Thank you,


      Brad Weeks

        Page 30 and 31 of the M1 Installation Manual describes the M1 Zone Definitions and how they will respond depending on the level of armed state of the M1 — see the Quick View of Arming Modes. Generally speaking:

        • The Main Doors you use to enter and exit would be Def 01 – Entry/Exit
        • Motions Detectors can be Def 04 Interior or 05 Interior Follower . If you have to cross in front of a motion detector in order to get to a keypad to disarm then set the DEF = 05
        • Windows in most cases would be DEF = 03 Perimeter Instant as well as doors that are not the primary points of entry can be DEF  = 03
        • Glass Break Sensors can be configured several ways depending on how you want them to respond DEF = 24 HR activates an alarm regardless of the armed state, DEF = 03 would create an alarm under any level of STAY Mode or in Away/Vacation Mode,  DEF = 04 would create an alarm only in the Away Mode.
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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