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    Eric Bailey

      I would like to disable the “system arm/disarm” voice messages on my M1.  I went into the RP software and blanked out all the Word columns for VM212-VM221, VM225, VM226, VM312-VM314.  Basically all of the Arm & Disarm and Area 1-3 messages.

      This works, I don’t hear any voice when I arm or disarm, but I do hear a one second “hiss” from the speakers.  I have three Areas – and I only hear the hiss when Area 1 is armed/disarmed.  When areas 2 & 3 are armed or disarmed, the speakers are completely silent.  Is there a message I missed blanking out to keep the amplifier from activating?

      “Enabled System Messages” in Global is checked – I found if I uncheck this box, it keeps the speakers from firing when armed/disarmed, but I lose other messages I want to hear.  I  have a M1TWA on the system driving one 8 ohm speaker on each output.

      Brad Weeks

        Instead of the First Word being {Blank} try 200mS Silence

        Eric Bailey

          Just tried it and it didn’t work.  I can still hear the hiss when arming/disarming Area 1.

          I did figure out, it’s triggering VM215 when arming to “stay” mode, and VM226 when disarming.  I came to this conclusion after setting it to “200ms silence” then to “500ms silence”.  When I have VM215 set to 500ms silence, and arm the system, I head the hissing noise slightly longer.  So I don’t think VM312 (Area 1) message is trying to play.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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