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    Justin S


      New ELK M1-G user.  I have just installed my panel (retrofit to an old ADT/Brinks System) and trying to understand my first issue.  I started with a new profile and configured all my zones.  By default, there is one keypad and my system has one keypad.  if I follow the instructions correctly there is a single 4 cond off the databus and goes to the single keypad.  on the keypad (ELK-M1KPNAV) I have the jumper installed since it is the last device (and only). also, I installed the jumper on the mainboard ‘JP3’ as there is only one home run.  when I connect the ELKRP to the panel I always get a Keypad 02 Conflict.  ALSO, the F key names are not ‘syncing’.  the zones faults do display but no names .  The keypad has the address of ‘1’ could you please assist on what I am missing?

      Brad Weeks

        Click the Send/Rcv Icon, click Enroll/Update Control and Devices to make sure the M1KPNAV is showing as Keypad #1. If necessary click the Enroll Button. Receive the Conflicts intoElkRP2 and if Keypad #2 is in the list highlight it right-click and Remove Keypad #2


        Justin S

          Thank you @Brad.  you can tell I’m a newbie.  this found it and correct the issue.  I Really Appreciate it. “Enroll/Update Control and Devices”

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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