M1 Support Forum SUGGESTION: add new chimes to keypads / touchscreen

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    Kristopher Farley

      Howdy elk family.


      I know y’all are a few weeks away from releasing the new wireless keypad, well I couldn’t find much information on the actual chime feature I have a suggestion if you haven’t done so already.


      The elk chimes are kind of annoying and I think it would be really cool if we could get some customization in the chime sounds that we have.


      Maybe some that aren’t as harsh or even custom ones that we could create.


      I know on the traditional keypads it’s using a little piezo buzer but even my DSC alarm system had like eight different chimes to choose from using that piezo buzzer.


      As for the touch screen I think it should go without saying that with the speakers that that thing has it should be able to handle any number of sounds.


      Just a suggestion but I think it would be something that would add a little bit of quality of life.



      Maybe even having separate chimes for different things that are opened.


      For example having a different time for say a garage door versus a front or back door.


      I know you could just use voice alerts but this is a nice in between.



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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