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    James Thornburg

      So I have an electrical box with tamper sw and 2200 ohm resistor in series, zone definition is set to 09-tamper sw, type is 0-EOL hardware  and everybody is happy for about 7 years, until now.

      Today the keypad started chirping and announcing that this zone was violated.. (system disarmed)

      Siren did not get energized.

      This was reported to alarm monitoring company.

      So walked outside and didnt have to kill anyone breaking into my electrical box, because there was no one there??

      So looked on RP2 and the status of that zone (while keypad is chirping) is normal with voltage of 7.1V.

      Put my meter on zone loop and it was 2.2K disconnected from M1 and when in circuit, voltage was 7.1..

      why didnt it set off siren? its like it was half violated??

      Brad Weeks

        Do you have the Zone programmed as 09 – Burglar 24 Hr Box Tamper? If so when the system is disarmed the keypad will beep and display Box Tamper but when Armed the system will go into Burglar Alarm. What does the M1 LOG indicate occurred?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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