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    Charles Winterble

    I have a system using M1XEP working well for extensive remote control of the M1.  I want to add telephone remote control as a way to initiate a non-internet, master power reset for my router on rare occasions when it decides to disconnect itself.  The telephone control works properly in that I can log in and get status of arming , zones, temperature, etc.  If I try to execute automation control like a task, or control a light (which is how I’ll power reset the router) the system will go through all the motions right up to the “press #” but not actually execute the task or toggle the light.  Globals are set for local and remote telephone access.  I believe its unrelated but I have a Homeseer hub that communicates through the M1XEP which can initiate all the M1 control functions.  This works properly as does M1toGo.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Brad Weeks

    Did you create a Rule based upon the Automation Task being activated? For example:

    Whenever M1XEP Reset (Automation Task 1) Is Activated

    Then Turn OUTPUT xxx ON for 10 seconds


    Charles Winterble

    Yes I tried several things.  I put in a simple task which should turn on an output and beep the keyboard which I tried to run via phone.  Next I simply tried to change an output to ON state over the phone. And last, I tried to arm the system from the phone .    The system seems to respond properly, asking for a security code, verifying it and going through the option menu. In each case the response was the same after I entered the # as requested, the system jumped back to reciting the main menu.  In the case of the arming request the system acknowledged system armed.  However the system did not arm and in the other cases the output did not change or the keyboard beep.  If I initiate the task or output changes thru M1toGo, every one of these tests works properly.  These tests were all over a local phone connection.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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