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    Bruce Cowan

      I have a curious issue with my system clock at the semi-annual time change.

      The system time will correctly change as it should, on the correct night at 2am, when changing to/from daylight saving time.

      Usually, but not always, the time will revert to the old time (forward or back 1 hour) the next night.  It will remain incorrect for 2-4 days and then finally, and magically, correct itself to the right time.

      Is it a matter of defining specific DNS servers or a specific time server URL or IP?

      My system details:
      System type: M1G
      Hardware version: 0.13
      Boot Version: 3.3.6
      Firmware version: 5.2.4

      Brad Weeks

        I would suggest updating the M1 Firmware to 5.2.10 and make sure the M1XEP is running 2.0.34 or later. Within the M1XEP Setup are you using a Time Server and if so at what time of day is it set to check the time?

        Bruce Cowan

          Hi Brad – yes I am using a time server (tock.utoronto.ca) and it is set to update at 3am

          Is there an order, or process, to follow to update the M1 and M1XEP?



          Bruce Cowan

            this might be a mute point as it seems legislators are moving to make Daylight Savings Time permanent

            Brad Weeks

              Update the M1 to Firmware 5.2.10 first then the M1XEP. Depending on how old your M1XEP Firmware is you may have to update the Bootware first followed by the firmware. Once the firmware is updated you will need to wait 8 -10 minutes before attempting to connect


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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