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    James Thornburg

      I have a motion sensor I suspect is going bad (because it trips by itself with no motion)

      So, I want to set that zone up to only send me an email when it gets tripped (not send message to monitoring company).

      Whould I define it as a 16 non-alarm or what?

      BTW, I have been away while this has been happening so have not had the chance to change batteries, could this be the problem?

      Brad Weeks

        You can use Zone Definition 16 Non-Alarm and create rules to email you or Def 14 or 14. Def 13 or 14 are 24 Hour Zones that do NOT create any alarms or keypad beeping but do LOG (no rules needed) each time the zone is tripped. If you do use Def 13 or 14 make sure under Communicator Zone RCs you set the Alarm Pulse to 00 to prevent reporting to Central Station. How long has the motion detector been installed? Has anything changed in the environment? Is the motion detector pointed towards a window, HVAC register or are there any fans, plants or curtains that could be moving. Have you taken the front cover off the motion detector to make sure no insects are inside?

        James Thornburg

          Thanks Brad,

          This is a Honeywell 5898 that is ~6 years old. nothing has changed in the environment, its in a hallway so no windows ect, I checked and no bugs. (hadnt thought of that)

          I have a backup sensor I am installing in same location as orig and made it same  as orig zone # for CO.

          I changed orig sensor to 13 def and zone RC to 00 and setup rule to email me if it gets confused.

          If I get false alarm, it will tell me if sensor or M1G and I will report

          Thanks James

          James Thornburg

            Changed the 5898 sensor to new one and same intermittent problem, took 2 weeks to crop up but it did at 3AM..

            So what do we think now if not the sensor?

            Bad Wireless M1XRF2H?

            Why just this 1 zone?

            What to do next?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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