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    Oskar Attar


      I am attempting to update the firmware and bootloader on my ELK M1 Gold, however, am encountering some issues due to the firmware being outdated on the system.

      I get an error saying that “this firmware update is not compatible with the existing hardware or bootware version.”

      This is a list of my current firmware versions:

      Hardware Version: 0.9

      Boot Version: 3.1.10

      Firmware Version: 4.2.6

      I need a way to update the boot version from 3.1.10 to at least 3.3.0, so that I can update the bootware and firmware to the newest versions, however, I cannot find any boot loader versions that can bridge the gap.

      Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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