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      I’m doing an install for a house + shop. The shop is 100 ft away. The data bus layout is straightforward, one data bus trunk feeds the house and the second goes to the shop. In the shop I have one input and one output expander, a P212S and one DBH. I had planned to connect the data bus into the shop to the P212S first, and then to the DBH and on from there. Something I read about the DBH sort of hinted that the DBH should come first, then the P212S. Does it matter if the long run to the shop connects to the P212S first or should it go to the DBH first?



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        The P212S is a Supervised Power Supply which is considered an M1 Bus Device (Type 1 = keypad) and will connect to the M1’s Bus the same way as any other bus device. It is also possible to use the P212S as a standalone power supply and not supervised. The Home Run to the Shop you plan on connecting the P212S, M1XIN and M1XOVR to the M1DBH using Cat5/6 and then power the the M1XIN and M1XOVR from the P212S? In this scenario it doesn’t matter which Port the P212S is connected. I would suggest you connect Data A, Data B and NEG from the M1’s RS485 terminal to the Data A, Data B and NEG on the M1DBH then power the M1DBH +12 and NEG (screw terminals) from the DC Output from the P212S. Connect the P212S, M1XIN, M1XOVR to the M1DBH using Cata5/6 following the instruction on page 12 and 13 of the M1 Installation Manual.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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