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    Adam Fenn

      I have a new shop going up that is detached from my house.  I have no wire running between the house and the shop, but I do have a 802.11 wireless bridge.  I think I can use the ELK-M1XRFTWM to add zones for heat detectors and door sensors.


      Issue #1:

      I’d really love to have a keypad, but I don’t see how to connect a keypad wirelessly.  I can use the M1 Cloud app on my phone, which could be a stop gap for that. I might even be able to mount a tablet with it running I was ambitious.  Is there a way to have a wireless keypad?


      Issue #2

      I’d like to have a wireless relay so I can open and close the garage door remotely.  I don’t see anything that gives me a relay.  Is there a product that can do this?


      Issue #3

      If I can’t get a remote keypad, I have no indication when the system is in alarm (other than M1 Cloud possibly using notifications, which I could miss).  I’d like to have some audible indication in the shop that let’s me know the system is in alarm.  If I could solve #2, I could probably connect a siren to a power supply.  Is there a better solution?


      Thank you!



      William Turner

        Not sure I can answer all your questions, but as for the question #2 and #3, I believe I’ve an idea.

        I don’t see that Elk has a product, but there are a number of wireless relay units out there.    Ranging in a number of costs, but this cheap one is on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/3-7-12V-Wireless-Control-Transmitter-Controller/dp/B08F7FFQ14/

        Perhaps the answer for #3 could be the addition of a another wireless relay as in question #2.   You’d have it wired up on Output 2 on your Elk M1 Gold as voltage and have it trigger a local relay that is 2 outputs, one drives the local siren and the other is the transmitter to your remote location.     That relay would then connect a siren mounted out in the garage.     If the alarm is triggered, you’ll have the siren sounding there as well as in the primary location.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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