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    Richard Reyes

      I currently have an ELK-M1XRF319 serving 2 outdoor gate sensors, and an ELK-M1XRFTWM used with 2 ELK-6023 recessed door sensors, fiberglass doors.  If I wanted to go with just one wireless frequency receiver/transceiver and sensors to match it, which one would be better at dealing with walls and other structures in it’s path, as well as range?  Just curious on the effectiveness of the two different frequencies, if there is any difference.

      Brad Weeks

        The ELK M1XRF319 uses a 319.5 MHz frequency and the ELK M1XRFWM uses Spread Spectrum Frequency hopping 902 – 928 MHz. Open Air Line of Sight testing the range for both is fairly close at approximately 300-500 feet. The true test of a wireless sensor depends on the environment and the construction material (wood, sheetrock, stone, rebar, concrete, metal duct work and so on). With the ELK Two-way (M1XRFTWM and 6000 Series of sensors) the sensors have a status feedback LED that lets you know the signal was received. When the senor is tripped if the LED turns Green the signal was acknowledged/received but if the LED turns Red the sensor is either out of range of the M1XRFTWM or the sensor is not learned into the system.

        Richard Reyes

          Thanks Brad.  The house was built on top of a grid of I-joists on the concrete foundation.  The M1XRF319 and M1XRFTWM are installed in the basement.  The farthest sensor is only 25 feet from its receiver.  I will move both units to the 1st floor to see if this corrects my issue: on very rare occasions a sensor does not get the signal to the panel.  Hoping all that steel is the problem.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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