M1 Support Forum Yelp vs Steady on Sirens like ELK-74 or M120.

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    Dan Zister

      Sirens like the ELK-74 or the M120 come with a “Yelp” wire, a “Steady” wire, and negative.
      The instructions don’t state anything explicit about connecting yelp vs steady but seems to imply that its an either/or situation.
      My attempts to use both (yelp and steady) have been unsuccessful and further research indicates it can’t be done; at least they can’t be used the way I was hoping I might. The idea I had for usage was to use ‘yelp’ for certain situation (such as a fire alarm) and use ‘steady’ for everything else. This was on the premise that the ‘steady’ would be wired to OUT2 and yelp would be wired to another out (eg OUT11). If such a config (using OUT2) is workable can someone advise how?

      As an alternative to using OUT2 I presume I could possibly make use of the different alarms by putting each + (yelp/steady) on separate outs (not out2) and activating the appropriate one using rules? (Not sure how much I’ve tried this but was preferring not to do it like this).

      Thanks for all replies.

      Brad Weeks

        The ELK 74 and the M120 are two-tone self-contained sirens which operate on 12 VDC. Depending on the wire the +12 VDC is applied will determine which sound is produced RED Wire = Yelp and YELLOW Wire the Steady tone. Generally speaking you would use one or the other depending on the desired sound. If you wanted both then I’d suggest using rules and a physical relay output:

        Whenever Any Burg Alarm Turns ON

        And NO Fire Alarm is Active

        Then Turn OUTPUT 15 ON

        Whenever any Fire Alarm Turns ON

        Then Turn OUTPUT 15 OFF

        Then Turn OUTPUT 16 ON

        Whenever My Home (Area 1) Becomes Disarmed

        Then Turn OUTPUT 15 OFF

        Then Turn OUTPUT 16 OFF


        OUTPUT 2 when selected as a Voltage Out (Globals G26) is Negative Switched rated for 12VDC at 1 AMP MAX. Output 2 is also hardcoded to be Steady Voltage for Burglar Alarm and Temporal 3 Pulsing for Fire Alarm

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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