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      Ran into an issue with my new alarm system while trying to get Apple Homekit setup.  I had it working and then in stopped working.  When I dug into the details, the zone report response had for some reason shrunk.  Its supposed to be 208 character, but instead I got back this which caused a checksum failure in the code causing it to freak out:

      [13/10/2023, 11:51:48] [Alarm] ZoneStatusReport {
        message: 'D6ZS33000330333330002222222222220006',
        body: '330003303333300022222222222200',
        type: 'ZS',
        hexLength: 'D6',
        checkSum: '06',
      [13/10/2023, 11:51:48] [Alarm] Error connecting to ElkM1 TypeError: The calculated checksum does not match the checksum on the received message: . Will retry in 5s
      When I dug further, I saw that there were null characters 0x00 in there which didn't make any sense:
      0001460       t   h   e       r   e   c   e   i   v   e   d       m   e
                 7420    6568    7220    6365    6965    6576    2064    656d
      0001500   s   s   a   g   e   :      \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0
                 7373    6761    3a65    0020    0000    0000    0000    0000
      0001520  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0
                 0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000
      0001760  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0  \0   .       W   i   l
                 0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    2e00    5720    6c69
      0002000   l       r   e   t   r   y       i   n       5   s 033   [   3

      When I checked via a terminal connection this was confirmed


      Finally I just powered the thing down, counted to 5 and restarted the whole system which seems to have put it back into working order.


      I don’t know why it got into this state, but figured I’d reach out directly to see if this was a known issue  nd something like a firmware update might be in order.

      Since this was installed by somebody else I don’t have any of the management software to even check what version it might be running.

      Documented most of this here in what I thought was a software issue until I traced it back to the raw message being in a bad way.

      Thoughts?  Something that has been seen before?

      Brad Weeks

        What is the Firmware Version in the M1?


          As I said, I do not have the configuration software the installers used.  The only version I can get is the one from the serial port interface:


          Brad Weeks

            It appears the M1 and the M1XEP are running older Firmware versions. I’d suggest updating the M1 to 5.3.18 and the M1XEP to 2.0.48 and retesting.


              Hey Brad.  Had the Keyth guy over to upgrade the firmware and they confirmed both are running the latest (versions mentioned above).

              We also spoke with Shawn.  He suggested next time it freaks out (has happened twice now) to try resetting only the ethernet interface to see if that hints at which firmware might be having issue.

              In the meantime do you have any thoughts about the shorter response/checksum issue/null characters I was able to figure out so far?

              The string:


              is clearly not 214 characters long (0xD6 in decimal)



                This happened a couple more times for me for which the solution is a hard power off, count to 5, turn whole system back on.

                Anybody else seen this?

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