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    Keith Belt

      Tried the on-board z-wave today. I followed the instructions, but there seems to be a disconnect somewhere:

      1.  Activated the module, added a Light (“Front Lamppost”), and “Included” the device (an Enbrighten light switch) into the network successully.  But when I try to assign the two together, I don’t see the Light I created in the list of available Entities within the Device configuration on the ZWave page.  Instead it displays a single Entity choice of “0 Unassigned”.  And selecting that assignment doesn’t do anything. It comes out still saying “Unassigned”.  There doesn’t seem to be any way to do the assignement the other way around (selecting a Device from the Light configuration).  I followed the instructions, and there’s not a lot of steps to go wrong, but I’m aparrently missing something.

      One thing that confuses me is that the little icon in front of the Device listing on the ZWave page is an “output” symbol (the same little N.O. switch graphic associated with MB outputs).  I would have expected that to be a little lightbulb since most of the Zwave associations are going to be Lights.

      2. During the above inclusion, the app would not simply Include the device and stop.  It would issue a message saying “Device included succesfully”, but when you hit “OK” to acknowledge the message and close that popup, another Inclusion cycle would automatically start counting down.  I had to abort to exit it all.  Maybe its supposed to do that, but that behavior is not mentioned in the knowledge center documentation, so it created some uncertainty as to whether the inclusion really did complete succesfully.

      3.  The configurator is itself a little ambigiuous. The Class Type says “output” rather than the traditional “On\Off-SW” or “Appliance”, but “output” is accurate enough I guess.  However I do not get any data in the “signal strength” field.   The configuation indicates “normal” and recognizes the “AEZW Controller” in the routing path though.

      4. I don’t see a way to test the ZWSave device directly.  It doesn’t report back any ZW ID, serial number, or security code from the device to know it really did connect, and there’s no on\off buttons in the Device configurator.  Presumably turning the device on and off is performed from the assigned entity, but I couldn’t get that here.  And the lack of signal strength data made me wonder if I did indeed connect, but there were no other integration hooks to work with to confirm it did.

      5. The Leviton Visia programmer and VRC0P added an extra layer of complexity, but it was a full-on ZW controller and allowed things like optimizing and repairing the network.  Having built-in capability in the E27 is swesome,  I don’t see a lot of ZWave support or diagnostic tools in the E27.


      Michael Burrell


        We currently only support “On/Off-SW” or “Appliance” as “Outputs”. The need for these to be associated as “Lights” has been noted in a few threads from other users. We are working to implement this, but it touches a few different parts of the system. I will ask engineering for an update on when to expect this change. Currentlly, “Lights” classified as Zwave devices with dimmer capibilites.

        We do offer some basic Z-Wave tools, which are listed in the Tools & Settings area of the app. They are toward the bottom of the list in the menu. We are reviewing additional options to expand these diagnostic tools.



        Keith Belt

          OK, I found the other Z-wave thread, and how ZW devices are currently configured as outputs.  I created an output and now see that as a new choice in the assignment selection box.

          But it would have saved a LOT of time and frustration, if the published Knowledge-Center documentation for configuring ZW devices with the E27 engine reflected that reality, instead of giving clear instructions for configuring *Lights* that *won’t work*.  I realize the E27 is a work in progress, but its precisely because of that fact that we look to the documentation for instructions when something isn’t working as expected.


          JOHN WADE

            The mentioned issue during enrollment is annoying.  Having to abort the system from going back into enrollment is surely fixable.  As well as in other areas, having the system if you want to leave without saving an item that has already been saved.

            Michael Burrell

              Keith – Your frustration has been noted. I will work with our team to provide better information on this in the knowledge center.

              John/Keith – The issue with the inclusion is an Android specific bug that we are working to get updated. This is not the behavior that we are wanting from that process. I will also create a ticket to test the “leaving a page with save needed” message being applied when not needed. We will test that and see if we can resolve it.



              Jeff Noel

                Another one here having an issue with an On/Off light switch adding as an output.  I made an output device to add it to.   If the light is off, and I toggle it on, it will turn the light on, but the app still shows the light as off.  If I toggle it again, it never turns off.  So while it seems it can be added as an output, it doesn’t actually work properly at all.


                Keith Belt

                  I have seen this kind of behavior with some 3rd-party Z-wave devices on other M1 systems, where they don’t report back status very well.  What brand switch do you have and it is Z+ or maybe an older unit?  My recently purchased Enbrighten (formerly GE) light switch is working just fine

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