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    Keith Belt

      Have been using ZWave with Elk for about 10 years.  Lights and outlets work just fine, but thermostats and deadbolt locks can be a little flaky.  They tend to want to drop out once in a while.  Lately things have been getting much worse, although its the same hardware, same configuration, same program.  My Kwikset HomeConnect (zwave) locks just won’t accept the Elk command string anymore for some reason.  The Leviton controller is recognizing them — I can retrieve device info, communications status, and neighboring nodes, so I know its communicating on the zwave network.  But send the command string from ELK, and nothing happens.

      These locks used to work just fine.  I’ve done all the standard tricks and diagnostics in both Elk and Zwave systems, repairing the network, cycling power on all devices, rediscovering bus devices, even changed batteries, etc.  But the locks still won’t operate remotely anymore.  This happens frequently enough now that excluding and re-including the locks everytime isn’t a good option, and they zwave does seem to be communicating anyways.

      I’m not asking if you can tell me what’s wrong (though that would certainly be great), but is there any kind of workaround?  I can create a set of rules that could send the command 5 times in a row If I thought that would be an answer.  I know ELk and Zwave essentially just count locks sequentially.  Is there anyway that can be out of whack?, like I’m sending “lock1” to what Elk now thinks is lock 7?

      Running out of ideas.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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