M1 Application Notes

The M1 Cross Platform Control offers a powerful Whenever/And/Then rules engine that allows almost any imaginable operation. This rules engine utilizes easy to understand text based references. A single rule can have multiple ANDs and THENs (conditions and commands). This compilation of tips and rules examples for the M1 is a great resource for getting new ideas, and finding ways to implement your own ideas.

Using Counters

Counters are memory locations (often called flags) that can be set, incremented, decremented, or compared by an automation rule to track an event or keep up with how many times an event has occurred.

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Daylight Saving Time Reminders

Let M1 remind you every year to adjust the clocks for daylight savings time.

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F-Key Illumination Events for M1 Keypads

Learn how to configure F-key illumination events, allowing f-keys to light up or even blink in response to system status and events

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Using Custom Settings

Incorporate custom settings in rules to allow users to modify aspects of how the M1 operates. Custom settings can be a number, timer, or time day.

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Lighting Ideas for Convenience, Safety & Security

Automated lighting with M1 can provide increased convenience, safety, and security. Explore these lighting ideas.

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Activity Monitoring That Respects Privacy

Do you want to keep an eye elderly loved ones without installing cameras throughout their […]

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Reminder Messages on M1 Keypads

M1 can provide reminders on system keypads for periodic events, such as trash collection day, water filter replacement, special occasions, etc.

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Automating the Sprinkler System

Automating the sprinkler system with M1 is a great way to care for landscaping, while conserving water.

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Know When a Visitor is Approaching

Know a visitor has arrived before the doorbell rings. Using sensors like outdoor motions and infrared beams, M1 can provide notification when a visitor is approaching.

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Door/Gate Entry Control

M1 provides simple control and management of access for multiple entry points with restrictions by area, user, and/or schedule. User credential options include proximity cards/
fobs, PIN, or biometrics.

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