M1 Application Notes

The M1 Cross Platform Control offers a powerful Whenever/And/Then rules engine that allows almost any imaginable operation. This rules engine utilizes easy to understand text based references. A single rule can have multiple ANDs and THENs (conditions and commands). This compilation of tips and rules examples for the M1 is a great resource for getting new ideas, and finding ways to implement your own ideas.

Door/Gate Entry Control

M1 provides simple control and management of access for multiple entry points with restrictions by area, user, and/or schedule. User credential options include proximity cards/
fobs, PIN, or biometrics.

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Controlling the Garage Door

How to control and automate a garage door opener with M1.

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Automating Exterior Lights

Relieve that uneasy feeling of being in the dark, fumbling for keys, trying to enter the safety of home or business. Automate exterior lights so you never feel “left in the dark.”

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Don’t Get Washed Away By Water Leaks

With water detection sensors and an electrically operated water cutoff valve, the M1 Cross Platform Control can cut the water off and notify you, if a leak is detected.

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Brighten Any Holiday The Easy Way

Here’s a fun tip to take the hassle out of holiday lighting with the M1 Cross Platform Control and lighting/appliance modules.

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Automating The Water Heater

Automating the water heater can result in significant savings on utility bills. M1 Controls make it easy to control the water heater based on time of day, system arm state, or other events.

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Using Automation as an Intrusion Deterrent

Detecting and reporting an intrusion is an important function of even the most basic security system. But what if the system could prevent the intrusion from ever happening? Put the automation features of the M1 control to work as a smart intrusion deterrent!

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Notification of Critical Temperatures

M1 can provide alerts for high or low temperatures using M1 zone temperature sensors and the M1XEP Ethernet Interface. Perfect for freezers/coolers, server rooms, vacation homes, etc.

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