ELK Recordables = Halloween Fun!


ELK's recordable modules are a great way to incorporate scary sound effects to your next Halloween event.  The ELK-120 (4 Channels/Sounds) and the ELK-124 (8 Channels/Sounds) can be triggered from motions sensors, when a door opens, and/or periodically using the ELK-M1 Control or a timer like the ELK-960.  You can download .wav files into the ELK-120 & ELK-124 using the ELK-129 Sound Card Interface.

We have compiled a few spooky .wav files to give you some ideas!

• Shrilling Cat
• Creeky Door
• Chainsaw
• Howling Wolf
• Thunder Storm
• Terrifying Scream
• Hooting Owl
• Sinister Laugh
• Heartbeat
• Haunted Mansion "Ghost" Host
• Electric Arc

Don't forget to add some clear, orange, or red ELK strobes!

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