Is Your Wireless Solution Truly Secure?


Wireless security systems offer a practical solution for new and existing homes and business, requiring less time and complication to install. However, many conventional wireless products on the market have some shocking vulnerabilities, as revealed in recent news reports. These products use decades-old communication methods, leaving the system susceptible to hacking and jamming attacks that could render them completely ineffective. These security risks, combined with unreliable operation, leave many installers uneasy about wireless installations. In addition, requiring 8 repetitious transmissions for each event greatly reduces battery life.

Fortunately, a better wireless solution is available.

Utilizing advanced technology, ELK’s Two-Way Wireless automatically scans and hops across 25 frequency channels making it virtually impossible for an outsider to scan or lock on to the operating frequency. Elk’s Two-Way Wireless is also encrypted. In addition, ELK’s two-way wireless has obtained the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing requiring detection and reporting of outside jamming attempts.

Simplify installation and save setup time.

With bi-directional communication, every signal from each sensor is acknowledged at the sensor increasing reliability and eliminating the time it takes to check the event log. LEDs on each device provide visual confirmation of transmission receipt. Once the receipt is acknowledged, the sensor stops transmitting saving battery life! Conventional wireless motions and glass break detectors require “walk test mode” to be physically set on the individual unit in addition to being enabled/disabled at the keypad. ELK’s Two-Way wireless technology eliminates those extra trips up the ladder by simply enabling/disabling walk test mode at the keypad only.

Innovative features provide enhanced life safety.

With ELK’s Sound All™ Smoke Detectors, installers can now meet new fire codes without hardwired sounders. When a fire alarm is activated, the built-in sounders of all enrolled smoke detectors are activated wirelessly. ELK’s convenient keyfobs can provide system status at the push of a button, allowing users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering the home or business. Thus ELK key fobs provide more than convenience; they promote life safety.

The right fit today and in the future.

ELK’s full line of two-way wireless sensors includes a variety of door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, smoke/heat detectors, panic buttons and keyfobs. Door and window sensors are available in brown and white to be more esthetically pleasing. This wireless product line is compatible with ELK’s M1 Security & Automation Controls. M1 combines security, fire, energy management, lighting, and access control to provide total control of the home or business. With support for up to 144 wireless devices (208 inputs total), M1 offers the flexibility to easily meet the needs of installations big and small.

So much more than just security.

Easily integrating with products of industry partner manufacturers, M1 controls offer a truly customized solution with the most flexible options. With remote access capabilities and simple, user-friendly interfaces, M1 keeps users informed and in control, anytime, anywhere! Remote control options are also flexible as there are solutions available with or without monthly fees. Worried about learning a new control system? If you understand English, can type in a descriptive name, select from a multiple choice list, and check a block you have it mastered!
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