Your connected home needs a smart control solution focused on security.

ELK’s M1 Control gives you uncompromising security and life safety on site, plus secure connectivity with your favorite smart devices! M1 goes beyond security with flexible automation features to enhance comfort and convenience.

Peace of Mind


Comprehensive detection and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities

Intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies, water leaks, high/low temperatures and more.


Beyond security

Enhance security with integrated door locks. Automatically shut the water off in the event of a water leak. Use lighting to create a "lived in" look while on vacation.


Notifications via phone call, email or text

Get alerts for system arming/disarming, alarm activation, unacceptable temperatures, and trouble conditions.


Control at Your Fingertips

Remote control options to fit your lifestyle

Whether you want a simple app for arming/disarming or a feature-rich app to control your entire home, M1 offers the right app to meet your needs. Supported devices include smartphones, tablets, PCs, and through the cloud.


Functionality and style in perfect balance

Keypad options range from touch screens to discrete arming stations. Integration capability with many popular whole house systems for even more user interface options.


Intelligent Home Control


Experience lifestyle enhancing comfort and convenience

M1 offers intelligent control of lights, thermostats, garage doors, locks, sprinklers, pools/spas, water valves and more.

Going beyond basic time/day scheduling, M1 can use existing intrusion sensors, arming status, and sunrise/sunset to offer perceptive control of integrated devices.

Automating lights, thermostats, window coverings and water heaters can provide substantial energy savings.


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