M1 Security & Automation Controls

M1 provides the ideal combination of security, energy management, and integrated control solutions. M1 provides rock solid security and life safety with comprehensive detection and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. It features a fast microprocessor for enhanced speed, capability and security. Event notifications can be provide via phone call, email, or text message. ELK’s Two-Way wireless sensors feature multi-level security to prevent hacking.
Using an integration friendly approach, M1 offers full-featured automation capability to enhance safety, comfort and convenience. M1 provides intelligent control of lights, thermostats, locks, gates, garage doors, water valves and more. Smart features help reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. M1 can be remotely controlled from smart phones, tablets, PCs, web browsers, and more, with or without monthly fees.
M1 Residential Solutions

Security. Comfort. Convenience.

M1 offers comprehensive security and home control solutions that enhance your surroundings and fit your lifestyle.

  • • Full range of detection and reporting capabilities
  • • Flexible and integration friendly
  • • Expandable to meet your needs today and in the future
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M1 Commercial Solutions

Smart Solutions for Business

M1 provides convenience and simplicity with integrated security, energy management, access control and more.

  • • Automatic arming based on schedule, occupancy, etc.
  • • Entrance control for up to 16 doors
  • • Monitor temperature sensitive equipment
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M1 Remote Control

Control is Always at Your Fingertips

Get timely access to information and simple user friendly control with a variety of user interfaces to keep you informed and in control.

  • • A variety of functional keypads to fit your style
  • • Control on the go with software and apps for popular smart devices
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ELK Two-Way Wireless

Innovative. Reliable. Convenient.

ELK’s Two-Way Wireless products incorporate advanced features to ensure secure transmissions, increase reliability, extend battery life, simplify installation, and provide innovative security enhancements.

  • • True, two-way signal acknowledgement
  • • Status LEDs and signal quality indicators assure installation confidence
  • • Product line includes smoke detectors, door window sensors, motion detectors, keyfobs and more
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M1 Energy Management

Reduce Energy Cost. Increase Comfort.

M1 energy management solutions provide control and scheduling capabilities for lighting, climate control and more.

  • • Control lights and thermostats based on schedule, occupancy and more
  • • Shut off main water supply to prevent water waste and costly damage
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