M1 Gold Security & Automation Control

M1 Gold Security and Automation Controls provide the ideal combination of security, energy management, and integrated control solutions. M1 provides rock solid security and life safety with comprehensive detection and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. It features a fast microprocessor for enhanced speed, capability and security. A onsite voice alerts provide system status information to alleviate user intimidation. Event notifications can be provide via phone call, email, or text message.

M1 Gold is very flexible and scalable with possibilities for expansion, wireless sensors, IP/Cellular reporting, and secure connectivity for remote control.

M1 Gold offers the flexibility to integrate a vast network of industry partners for integration with lighting controls, thermostats, touch screens, and more. This integration combined with our powerful and easy programmable provides an intelligent automation platform for a truly customized solution.



16 On-board
Up to 144 Wireless
Up to 208 Total


13 On-board:
1 Voice/Siren, 1 Siren/Voltage, 1 Relay, & 10 Low Current
Expandable to 205


Up to 8
with separate account codes,
arming/disarming, etc.


512 Events
with Date & Time Stamp
Includes Users/Zone Info


Up to 199
with customizable


2.5 Amp Total
1 Amp Continuous
Up to 18Ah Backup Battery


Up to 16
6 Styles- Mix or Match
Touchscreen, LCD, & LED


4-wire (any zone)
2-wire (zone 16)
and Wireless


In keeping with ELK’s focus on security, we designed wireless sensors to be more secure and reliable. For budget conscious installations, ELK offers the economical 319 Series Wireless Sensors. These sensors are designed for years of reliable performance and feature MaxOut™ Technology to increase coverage and battery life.

When increased security is a must, choose ELK's Two-Way Wireless technology, which is encrypted and defends against hacking. Utilizing true, two-way communication with the wireless sensors, ELK has incorporated innovative features to enhance security and life safety.



M1 Gold offers flexibility in alarm reporting, supporting IP, cellular, and landline communications. M1 Gold controls feature a built-in telephone dialer and use industry standard reporting formats.

ELK’s C1M1 Dual Path Alarm Communicators provide super fast full data reporting to the Central Monitoring Station over IP and cellular pathways.

For installations where cellular service is unavailable, ELK offers an "IP only" option with the M1XEP IP Interface & Communicator.

M1 Gold offers remote connectivity for easy programming with our ElkRP2 software, as well as convenient system control though popular smart devices.



M1 Gold controls provide intelligent automation of lights, thermostats, garage doors, gates, sprinklers, water valves and more. Devices can be scheduled based on time/ day, sunrise/sunset, zone status, arm state, occupancy, temperature and more.

By integrating with products from a variety of industry partner manufacturers, M1 Gold empowers you to work with the products you prefer or your customer requests. You can meet the needs of customers who are budget conscious and those who want high-end options.

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