Back-up Battery Care

Heavy snow, ice, and windy conditions from winter storms often lead to power outages.  Don’t wait until it is too late to make sure the standby battery for critical security and life safety equipment is in good health. Here are some tips to ensure years of reliable service from back-up batteries.


Select the correct battery size for the installation


Of course, selecting a battery with an Amphour rating that is too low will result in insufficient power when the battery is needed. However, it is just as important to make sure the amphour rating of the battery does not exceed the specifications of the system’s charging circuit.  A battery that is too large will overwork the charging circuit, leading to an undercharged battery and potentially damaging the equipment.


Keep new battery stock rotated


Keep new battery stock rotated to avoid having batteries on the shelf for extended periods of time. If a battery is stored for over 6 months without being charged, the battery may suffer permanent damage that will prevent it from holding a full charge.


Monitor the health of every battery


Monitor the health of every battery with periodic testing. Accurately measure the conductivity of battery with a Mhos meter, like the ELK-BLT.  Use self-adhesive test data labels to record and track test results, keeping this data with the battery for future reference.


Prevent damage from deep discharge


Prevent damage from deep discharge during extended power outages. A low battery cutoff, like the ELK-965, monitors the battery voltage during a power outage and automatically shuts off before the battery voltage is drained to a damaging level.  This also prevents malfunctions in the systems or equipment powered from the battery.


Always use quality batteries

Always use batteries that are made from quality materials. ELK batteries are manufactured using all virgin materials for longer life and contain more lead for greater Amphour capacity.  All ELK batteries feature a no-hassle 2-Year over-the-counter warranty.





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