Security & Beyond: Creative Uses for ELK’s Recordable Driver Modules

ELK’s recordable driver modules are a versatile solution for adding custom voice messages to a variety of  applications. In addition to video surveillance solutions, these modules can be used to deliver retail messages, provide restricted area alerts, communicate lockdown procedures, provide announcements in loading docks and receiving areas, and even provide museum narrations.

  • Incorporate custom voice messages using video-based triggers
  • For retail businesses, provide custom announcements about sales and promotions, store hours, and upcoming events.
  • Enhance security with custom alerts in restricted areas of a building or facility
  • In the event of an emergency, such as a lockdown or evacuation, ELK's recordable driver modules can provide clear and concise instructions to staff and visitors.
  • Provide timely alerts in delivery and receiving areas
  • Museums and other cultural institutions can  provide informative and engaging narrations for exhibits and displays
  • Provide notifications and alerts in industrial automation systems, for equipment malfunctions, safety hazards, or when specific machinery needs attention.
  • Deliver notifications in healthcare facilities to notify nurses when a patient needs assistance, when medications are due, or when there is an emergency.




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