M1 to Lutron RadioRA2 Serial Interface


The ELK-M1XSLU is a dedicated Elk-M1 serial expander for connecting an M1 Control to a Lutron RadioRA2 Main Repeater. RadioRA2 is a wireless multi-room control system for Lights, Shades, and HVAC Thermostats. Interfacing a RadioRA2 system to an M1 allows control in response to security system actions or conditions. With the automation and remote capabilities built into M1 it is possible to control RadioRA2 devices from across the room or across the world. Benefits include energy savings, convenience, and comfort.


Additional Details:

Since the M1XSLU is functionally a serial expander (RS485 to RS232), it shares the same TYPE 5 databus ID as standard M1XSP serial expanders. A maximum of seven (7) TYPE 5 serial expanders may be connected to an M1, and the M1XSLU is counted as 1 of these 7.

The M1XSLU should be mounted as close as possible to the RadioRA2 Main Repeater. An 18" 9-pin flat ribbon serial interconnect cable is provided.


• Activity/Status LED (Orange)
• Auto-Reset Hardware Watchdog Circuit
• Addressable (1-7) TYPE 5 Databus ID
• Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
• Current Draw: 31mA
• Housing Dimensions: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
• Circuit Board: 2.75" x 3.95"
• Connection to Main Repeater: RS232 Cable - Included
• Connection to M1: Elevator Screw Terminals (4)

ELK-M1XSLU m1xslu lutron radiora2 radio ra 2 m1 radiora2 interface

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