Water Shutoff Valve -New & Improved!


Our new model features a sleek new design with super fast action and an LED status indicator!

The ELK-WSV3 is a professional grade electric water shutoff valve. It is designed for residential and light commercial domestic water applications. Used in conjunction with a 12 VDC controller, leak detection devices, or a simple manual push button, the WSV3 can easily and conveniently shut off the main water supply to the building.

The ELK-WSV3 is a new and improved model of our highly popular electric water shutoff valve. It is designed for residential and light commercial domestic water applications. The WSV3 features a 12VDC high torque on/off actuator motor as well as a manual emergency control handle for power outages. It features a multi-colored LED status indicator. From the time of activation the WSV3 can shut off the main water supply to a building in just under 1 second.

The ELK-WSV3 features a 1” full bore stainless steel ball valve with commercial grade seats and seals. This valve does not restrict water flow and is safe for drinking water. The motorized actuator has a permanently lubricated gear drive with sufficient torque to open or close the valve under high pressure or after long periods of inactivity.
The ELK-WSV3 can be operated via a SPDT (single pole, double throw) relay triggered from virtually any security or automation controller. It can also be operated using a simple SPDT latching push button.

NOTICE: This valve is not designed, intended, or rated for use in any fire sprinkler or fire alarm application.


Product Details

  • Rapid Action - Opening or Closing
  • Multi-color LED Status Indicator
  • Integrates to Security or Automation Controller (e.g. E27 Alarm Engine or M1 Gold)
  • Can be Integrated with a Manual Push Button or Wireless Receiver and Wireless Push Button
  • Manual control handle for power outages
  • Stainless Steel Grade 316
  • Full Port, 2-way Ball Valve
  • 1” NPT threaded pipe connections
  • Safe for Drinking Water
  • Requires 12 VDC Power Supply
  • Operating Current Draw: 3.2 A
  • Standby Current Draw: 50mA
  • Actuating Speed: < 1 second
  • Connections: 18 gauge, 4 conductor cord
  • Actuator Enclosure Rating : IP68M
  • Overall Dimensions: 7.5” x 5.2” x 3.3


  • Water Shutoff Valve
  • Wiring Harness
  • Instructions

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