Water Sensor – 319.5 MHz


The ELK-319WA is a Supervised, Wireless Water Sensor designed so that the transmitter mounts on a wall or other flat vertical surface, and the remote probe is placed in the location where water leakage is most probable.

Moisture forming a bridge between the two metallic contacts on a remote probe is all that is needed for the unit to signal an alarm condition. The output on the ELK-319WA will remain in alarm state until the moisture bridge is broken. As sensitive as the water sensor is, it will not alarm due to high humidity or condensation. The ELK-319WA is ideal for use in homes, offices, computer rooms, warehouses, etc.

Compatible with E27 Alarm Engine, M1 Controls, and other systems that support 319.5 MHz wireless devices.


Product Details

  • Water detection when liquid makes contact with probe
  • Contacts above floor level to prevent false floor condensation detection
  • Checks for water constantly, requires two positive checks for a valid alarm
  • Battery checked every hour
  • Batteries (2) CR2032
  • Tamper Switch: Located inside transmitter
  • RF frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • Compatibility: ELK E27 and M1 Receivers/Panels & other panels that operate on the 319.5MHz Freq.
  • Battery type: Two (2) CR2032 3VDC lithium coin-cell
  • Code Outputs: Tamper, Tamper Restore, Alarm, Alarm Restore, Low Battery
  • Operating Temp Range: 32° to 122°F (-40° to 60° C)
  • Dimensions Transmitter: 2.71” H x .95” W x .56” D, Probe: .7” W x 1.77” L x .38” D
  • Cable Length 72”

Note: The ELK-319WA water sensor is not a self- contained warning sensor device. For proper operation, it must be used in conjunction with a compatible learn-mode 319.5 MHz alarm control panel. This sensor is compatible with Elk’s 319MHz Receivers/Panels as well as many other panels that operate on the 319.5MHz Frequency and adhere to the ITI/Interlogix protocol.


  • 319.5 MHz Water Sensor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Instructions

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