M1 Gold Security and Automation Control System


M1 Gold Control Board Only

M1 Gold Security and Automation Controls provide the ideal combination of security, energy management, and integrated control solutions. M1 provides rock solid security and life safety with comprehensive detection and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. It features a fast microprocessor for enhanced speed, capability and security. A onsite voice alerts provide system status information to alleviate user intimidation. Event notifications can be provide via phone call, email, or text message.

M1 Gold is very flexible and scalable with possibilities for expansion, wireless sensors, IP/Cellular reporting, and secure connectivity for remote control.

M1 Gold offers the flexibility to integrate a vast network of industry partners for integration with lighting controls, thermostats, touch screens, and more. This integration combined with our powerful and easy programmable provides an intelligent automation platform for a truly customized solution.

M1GCB-No Blocks

Product Details

  • Large zone capacity: 16 on-board zones expandable to 208
  • Wireless capability: Up to 144 zones
  • Two-way Listen-in interface
  • RS-232 Serial Port to interface to computers and peripheral devices
  • Time/Date stamped 512 event history log
  • Menu driven, full text keypad programming - no manual required!
  • Voice Announcement of alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc.
    - 500+ Word/phrase Vocabulary
    - Link up to 6 words/phrases per announcement
    - 10 custom recordable word/phrases
  • 13 On-board Outputs: 1 voice/siren, 1 siren driver, 1 form "C" relay and 10 low current (50mA) outputs
  • Can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and account numbers
  • User Codes: 199 (4 or 6 digit) with assignable authority levels
  • Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation
  • Flash Memory - Allows field updates to firmware electronically
  • Supports 4-wire (any zone) and 2-wire (zone 16) smoke detectors
  • Includes fire alarm verification routine• Plug-in terminal blocks make service and pre-wires a snap!
  • Hardware "watchdog" and nonvolatile EEPROM memory
  • Supervised phone line, alarm output and aux. overcurrent


  • True V.22 bis Modem for fast, reliable upload/download
  • Optional Ethernet port for reporting operation / control or programming
  • Built-in telephone remote control makes any phone a keypad
  • Integrated Voice Dialer uses vocabulary or custom word/phrases
  • Digital Communicator formats: SIA, Contact ID, 4+2 and Pager
  • Installer Telephone (butt set) test feature
  • Elk-RP PC software includes "conflict resolution" to easily highlight differences between control and PC
    - Dial-up, ethernet or local from RS-232 port or house phone jack
    - Automatic answering machine bypass

Automation & Integration

  • Create lifestyle enhancing comfort, convenience and security
    Powerful "Whenever/And/Then" RULES Programming allows almost any imaginable operation.
    - No need to chain rules together.
    - Any single "Whenever" event can have one or more ANDs and THENs (conditions and commands).
  • Rules utilize easy to understand text based references
  • Control lighting using RS-232 serial or 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) ports
    - On, Off, Dim All On, All Off commands
  • Sunset/Sunrise calculation and activation
  • Transmit and receive custom serial ASCII messages
  • Issue commands to Distributed Audio Systems (Russound, Proficient, Nuvo)
  • Read temperature sensors and communicate with thermostats
  • Turn on Tasks, Lights, Outputs via Keypad or Telephone Remote

Power Supply

  • Heavy Duty - 2.5 Amp power supply w/ 1 Amp continuous
  • Dynamic battery test
  • Master power switch and low battery disconnect
  • PTC (fuseless) resettable overload protection
  • Multiple auxiliary power terminals

*Part # ELK-M1GCB does not include terminal blocks as this part is generally used as a replacement. If terminal blocks are needed, part# ELK-M1BLOCKS must be ordered separately.


  • M1 Gold Control Board
  • Hook up Diagram mounted on M1 Plastic Housing
  • ELK-952 In-Line Telco Surge Suppressor
  • 2 Mini Jumpers
  • 2 820 Ohm Resistors
  • 18 2200 Ohm Resistors
  • 2 8/32 Shoulder Screws
  • Relay Adapter 12 Conductor Cable Assembly
  • Instructions

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