ELK Two-Way Wireless

Two-Way Wireless Technology

Protect Your Customers and Install Wireless Security with Confidence

Offer a truly secure and reliable wireless solution with encrypted transmissions, frequency hopping and jamming detection for increased immunity to hacking. ELK’s Two-Way Wireless products incorporate advanced features to ensure reliability, extend battery life, and simplify installation.

How is Two-Way Wireless Different?

Secure and Reliable

Encrypted transmissions, frequency hopping and jamming detection make it virtually impossible to lock on to the signal providing increased immunity to hacking.

True Signal Acknowledgement

Every signal from each sensor is acknowledged by the transceiver to ensure reliability. This also stops repeat transmissions, saving battery life. Bi-color LEDs confirm signals have been received, saving installation steps and time.

Unique Product Features

Sound All™ Feature

ELK-6050 Smoke Detector
Activates the built-in sounders of all enrolled smoke detectors in the event of a fire alarm

Security & Convenience Bright White LED

ELK-6030 and ELK-6030P Motion Sensors
Momentary activation by motion during walk test mode,  flashing during audible alarm activation, and programmable activation through M1 Rules

On Demand Status Inquiry

ELK-6010 Four Button Keyfob
Status inquiry button allows users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering to prevent confrontation with an intruder

Why You Want Two-Way Technology in Security Sensors
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Two-Way Wireless Products: 

Two Way Wireless Ready M1 Gold Kit
M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver
Four Button Keyfob
ELK-6020 (White)
ELK-6020BR (Brown)

Slim Line Door & Window Sensor
Universal 3-Zone Sensor
Glass Break Sensor (Two-Way Wireless)
New Look! Improved Design!
Two-Way Wireless Single Button Panic Sensor
ELK-6023 (White)
ELK-6023BR (Brown)

Recessed Door Sensor (Two-Way Wireless)
Two Way Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
Two Way Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Sensor
ELK-6032 Two-Way Wireless All Environment PIR Motion Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Sound Allâ„¢ Smoke Detector
Sound Allâ„¢ Heat Detector