PIR Motion Sensor – Two-Way Wireless


Intended to be used in residential and light commercial installations, the PIR incorporates advanced features designed to ensure reliability, ease of installation, and provide innovative security enhancements.

To simplify installation, ELK’s Wireless PIR Motion Sensor allows the installer to remotely enable/disable Walk Test Mode from a keypad. Until now, the industry has accepted the process of manually tripping a switch on a one-way wireless PIR to enter walk test mode. The bright high-intensity white LED convenience/security light clearly identifies when the sensor is detecting motion.


Product Details

  • Compatible with ELK-M1XRFTWM two-way wireless transceivers
  • Ease of installation with keypad initiated walk test
  • Industry First Security/Convenience Bright White LED with:
    - Momentary motion activation during walk test mode
    - Flashing during audible alarm activation
    - Programmable “on” activation through M1 Rules
    • Illuminate an area for camera assistance during event
    • Temporary night path lighting
  • Long battery life and 2 selectable sleep mode durations
  • 902 Mhz - 928 Mhz frequency hopping
  • Selectable coverage range, up to 49 ft x 49 ft
  • Adjustable pulse count helps eliminate false trips
  • High quality dual element Pyroelectric sensor


  • Wireless PIR Sensor
  • 2 Replaceable 3V Lithium battery
  • Standard Swivel Bracket and Locking Disc
  • Blanking Plug
  • 2 Plastic Anchors
  • 2 #6 Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws
  • Plastite #3 x ¼” screw
  • #4 x 3/8” Pan Head Sheet Metal screw
  • Instructions

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