M1 Ethernet Interface


The ELK-M1XEP is an Ethernet Appliance with a RS-232 Serial Port Interface. It may be used to connect a control in the M1 Family to an Ethernet network. It features email event notification and FIPS compliant encryption algorithms for security sensitive environments. It is powered by an ELK-P1216 12 Volts DC, 1.5 Amp plug-in power supply/adapter. A software setup utility is built into ElkRP for configuring the connection setup, network password, etc. The M1 Ethernet
Interface is factory defaulted to obtain a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server (i.e. router, cable modem, etc.). It may optionally be setup with a static IP address.

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Windows 10 has been found to be incompatible with ELK-M1XEP firmware versions 2.0.33 and older.
ELK has resolved this with a new version (2.0.34) and is producing all new XEP’s with this version. However, you must retain a PC with Windows, 8, 7, or XP to connect to currently installed XEP’s

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• Secure connection with password protection and SSL/TLS encryption
• Flash Memory for Firmware Updating
• Event notification via E-Mail (SMTP)
• Supports automatic Dynamic DNS Updates with providers using the DynDNS protocol.
• Supports Network Time Protocol for synchronizing the M1/EZ8’s clock with an Internet time server.
• Internet Monitoring and Reporting Capability
• Network stack supporting the following protocols:
• Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 128 bit encryption
• Integrated 802.3 compliant 10/100 Mbit network interface
• RS232, DB9M 9-pin serial port connection
• Connects to the M1 RS-232 Serial port (Port 0). The baud rate for this port must be set to 115,200 (factory default)
• RJ45 8-pin Network Jack
• 2.1mm barrel type power connector (center positive)
• LED Indicators for Power, Link, and Data


• Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C. from Elk-P1216 Plug-in Power Supply **
• Current Draw: approx. 300 mA
• Housing Dimensions: 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"
• Circuit Board Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.95"
• ELK-W040A Serial Ribbon Cable included


In their latest Windows 10 release Microsoft has mandated the use of longer encryption keys for all SSL/TLS network connections. They abandoned support for shorter encryption keys currently used by a large number of installed “legacy” computing and networking devices. Microsoft’s decision to abandon support of shorter keys creates a situation whereby these legacy devices must either be updated or replaced.

Tens of thousands of ELK-M1XEP’s are currently installed or on stock room shelves. Because these Elk-M1XEP Ethernet Network Modules currently only support the shorter encryption keys, none of them will connect with a PC running Microsoft Windows 10 without one or more of the following actions or recommendations being followed:

- Update to new FW 2.0.34 which supports the larger encryption keys. Unfortunately you will need a WinXP, Win7, or Win8 PC for this update since ElkRP on a Windows 10 PC cannot securely connect to the M1XEP until after a successful update.

** If a WinXP, Win7, or Win8 PC is not convenient, Elk has created a Special 2.0.34 Updater utility that may work if the M1XEP contains a version of FW in the range of 1.3.20 to 2.0.33. In recent field testing this utility permitted the specified M1XEP FW range to be directly updated (onsite ONLY) using a Win10 PC, without the need for ElkRP or a secure connection. NOTE: This special updater does not work on a M1XEP operating on a FW version older than 1.3.20. In that case the only solution is to use a WinXP, Win7, or Win8 PC.

- For updating to 2.0.34, and for assured future connectivity, Elk recommends all customers hold on to at least one PC operating on WinXP, Win7, or Win8. Some customers have intentionally rolled back one of their PCs that was recently updated to Win10.

M1XEP Version 2 Firmware Update M1XEP Version 2 Firmware Update Version 2.0.44 (released 3/18/2019)
This special utility is only designed to update the M1XEP to firmware version 2.0.34.  The M1XEP must already be operating on versions 1.3.20 to 2.0.33 to use this special updater. Be advised that future M1XEP firmware updates will be still be deployed via the ElkRP secure connectivity method. However in order to regain connectivity, the M1XEP must first be made compatible with Windows 10 by using an older PC or this special updater.

If there are any questions about this please contact Elk Tech Support. 

For more information, call ELK at (800) 797-9355.  To locate an ELK authorized distributor near you, click here.