Power Supply / Battery Charger Kit


The ELK-P1215K Power Supply/Battery Charger Kit is a plug-in 14VDC Power Supply (ELK-P1417) combined with an intelligent Charger Board and a 12V 5Ah Battery(ELK-1250). It can supply up to 1.5 Amps of current at 12VDC (nominal). The charger board features a Low Battery Supervision output, Low Battery Cutoff, as well as a Manual On/Off switch. The Power Supply features built-in overload reset and screw terminals for connections.


Product Details

  • Auto-Resetting Overload Protection
  • Built-In Battery Charging Circuit
  • Low Battery Trouble Output
  • Low Battery Deep Discharge Cutoff Protection
  • Master Power Switch
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty*

*ELK batteries carry a two-year warranty

  • Power Supply Input: 14 Volts DC provided by ELK-P1417
  • Continuous Output Current: 1.5 Amps. **
  • Low Battery Trouble: 11 Volts. (nominal)
  • Low Battery Cutoff: 9 Volts. (nominal)
  • PC Board Size: 2.25" X 2.5" (57.15mm X 63.5mm )
  • Standby Battery Charging Capacity: 1 to 12 Ah, Sealed Lead Acid
  • Battery Wire Length: 16" with F1-Faston No. 187 Receptacles
  • Master Power Switch turns On/Off the DC Input and Battery


  • Intelligent Power Supply/Charger Board
  • ELK-P1417 1.7A, 14Vdc Plug In Power Supply
  • ELK-1250 12V 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Instructions

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