UPB Interface for M1G & M1EZ8 Controls


The ELK-M1PCSPIM is a special Powerline Interface Module containing a built-in M1XSP Serial Port chip. This all-in-one device makes it easy to permanently connect the ELK M1 Control to a UPB network. Simply locate a convenient unused AC Power Outlet, connect a cable from the M1 data bus to the four (4) terminals on the ELKM1 PCSPIM, and perform an M1 data bus enrollment. The long distance capability of the M1 data bus makes it possible to locate the ELKM1 PCSPIM virtually anywhere, without a lot of complex or ugly cabling or connections. UPB utilizes the AC wiring circuit for transmission, without new or additional wiring, and without radio frequency signals.


Product Details

  • All-in-one device for interfacing M1 with UPB.
  • Compact interface requires small amount of space
  • Easy hookup -- requires only the 4-wire data bus connection. * NO 9-Pin Serial Cable *
  • Includes UPB Status light (multicolored) AND a M1 Data Bus Status Light (Green) -- enhances the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot
  • Lower cost than purchasing separate and M1XSP and PCSPIM products.
  • Removable 4-pin terminal block connection
  • Power:
    -UPB Network circuitry – powered from the AC “Primary” Line.
    -M1 Data Bus Device circuitry – powered (12VDC) from the M1 Data Bus (+) & (-) terminals.
    NOTE: Loss of AC primary power should not result in a missing data bus device trouble.
  • Current Draw from M1: ~30mA @ 12 VDC
  • M1 Bus Device Address: Preset at Address #7 [Requires bus module enrollment]
  • Firmware required: 1.0.42 (std. firmware) or later


  • ELKM1PCSPIM UPB Interface for M1 Controls
  • Instructions

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