M1 Controls - The Secure Choice

M1 Control products are designed to safeguard against cyber threats and other security risks.

Superior encryption & multi-level authentication for alarm communicators and IoT smart control

• Communications for programming and IoT smart control utilize the same encryption methods used by many financial institutions.
• To further increase security, longer encryption keys are required making it virtually impossible for hackers to decrypt the information.
• Remote connectivity for programming through ElkRP2 requires a valid serial number and a Remote Programming Access Code set by the installer. It cannot be viewed or changed through any user interface. A connected session with ElkRP2 is necessary, requiring knowledge of the current code.
• Remote connectivity for IoT smart control requires valid user credentials, which includes user name, password, and user code.

Wireless sensors with increased immunity to hacking/jamming attacks

• Encrypted two-way communication ensures secure and reliable transmissions
• Automatically scans and hops multiple frequency channels preventing hackers from scanning or locking on to the operating frequency
• ELK’s Two-Way Wireless has the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listing for detecting and reporting outside jamming attempts.

M1 Controls feature an advanced 32-bit microprocessor versus the 8-bit microprocessors of typical security controls

• ELK’s processors are more secure and less susceptible to hacking. The advanced processors also ensure faster task completion and more capabilities.

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