M1 Energy Saving Solutions


The M1 Security & Automation Control offers an incredibly flexible solution for residential and commercial installations. M1 combines rock solid security & life safety with full featured automation and integration. M1’s automation capability allows customer to effectively reduce utility bills and shrink their carbon footprint, while enhancing safety and convenience.

In both residential and commercial sectors, space heating and cooling accounts for the largest percentage of energy consumption. Automated thermostats can provide significant savings in this area. M1 is compatible with communicating thermostats from several integration partner manufacturers, providing support for a wide range of HVAC systems and allowing installers to satisfy client needs and style. Thermostat set points can be adjusted based on a number of variables, including ambient conditions, system arm status, occupancy and time/day schedule. Adjustments of a few degrees can have a big impact on energy cost but this intelligent control keeps customers comfortable while saving.

Automated lighting control offers another big opportunity for energy savings. M1 integrates with lighting products from over 10 different partner manufacturers. Supporting a diverse field of products and technologies provides options for small to large installations, in new or existing structures. Using lighting scenes and dimmed settings can greatly reduce energy consumption and extend the life of bulbs, while providing the perfect lighting for any activity. Utilizing sensors that are already in place for intrusion detection, M1 can automatically turn lights off in unoccupied rooms.

M1 can also control motorized window coverings which can have multiple energy saving benefits. Automated window coverings can help make the most of natural light and help the heating/cooling system work more efficiently. During peak hours, closing shades/blinds can prevent sunlight from raising temperatures in the summer, while opening them in the winter can allow natural heat from the sun to warm the room. During winter make sure shades/blinds are closed at night to prevent heat from escaping through windows.

Water heating accounts for approximately 9% of energy consumption in the commercial sector and that number nearly doubles in residences. Both electric and gas water heaters can be controlled through automation appliance modules. Again, M1 utilizes schedules, occupancy and arm state to automate these devices, reducing energy consumption during periods when hot water is not needed.

M1 offers an exceptional, sophisticated security and automation control solution with a wealth of energy saving opportunities.

Featured Energy Saving Products


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