ElkConnect® brings the power of the Alarm Engine platform to life. This advanced app and cloud portal streamlines system configuration, management, and control with powerful tools and a consistent user experience. A robust automation environment fuels the Alarm Engine with simplified customization and unrestricted creation of rules.

Both the ElkConnect app and portal provide a credential based experience. Installers get configuration and management tools. Users get interactive services* and an intuitive interface for full control of the system.

* Interactive services and remote access require an active monthly subscription plan. See elkconnect.com for more details.

ElkConnect App

  • Installers will appreciate the app-based programming with menus and tools to configure security/safety, connectivity, and Z-Wave devices
  • The app provides users with an easy-to-navigate interface to control the entire system from anywhere
  • Installers and users can easily manage multiple E27 systems
  • ElkConnect is available for Android and iOS devices

ElkConnect Portal

  • Installer functions include claiming, activating, and managing E27 systems, creating & managing automation rules, managing and customizing subscription plans*, and employee management.
  • User functions include management and control of E27 systems, user management, and management of system event notifications.
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