15 NAME & DESCRIPTION COST/FEES COMPATIBLE INTERFACES ElkLink App for Android & iOS FREE Download No Extra Monthly Fees* • C1M1 M1ToGo User Interface Software for Windows FREE Download No Monthly Fees • M1XEP eKeypad Family of apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Nominal Cost No Monthly Fees • C1M1 • M1XEP M1 Touch Pro App for Android devices Nominal Cost No Monthly Fees • C1M1 • M1XEP Connect ONE Web based "Cloud" services Requires Monthly Fees • M1XEP M1ToGo for Windows® Remotely access the M1 system from anywhere in the world with M1ToGo! This free software provides users computer-based, Internet remote access to their M1 system with a PC. The secure Windows based platform allows users full access to their security system along with lighting and energy management, door/gate access and any other systems connected and controlled through the M1. This software can be installed on a USB flash drive for portability. • Arm & disarm security system • View zone status and quickly bypass zones • Activate keypad panic/function keys • View and save event history log • Turn chime on/off, change chime mode • Control and view current status of lights and outputs • View current temperature/settings and control thermostats • View current temperature of sensors/keypads • Activate automation tasks (macros) • View and change custom setting values • Configuration is quick and easy • Secure, encrypted communication with password protection • Multiple profiles provide quick access for multi-site users and eliminates the need to remember IP addresses or URLs • FREE Download! Try it today! Remote Control Options for M1 Controls M1 Controls & Accessories *Cellular service, setup and billing for C1M1 provided by Telguard. There are no additional fees for remote access or use of the app. Supervised Remote Power Supply This supervised remote power supply/battery charger provides12 VDC output with up to 2 Amps of total current and supervises the AC power input as well as the rechargeable battery. When used with an M1 control, it can report abnormal conditions back over the RS485 data bus. • Data-bus supervision of AC and Battery status • Master AC and Battery ON / OFF Power Switch • Visual AC Power Indicator • Programmable relay output • Two (2) Year Warranty • RoHS Compliant • AC Input: 16.5VAC, 45VA (TRG1640 or equiv.) • DC Output Voltage: 13.8 Volts DC +/- 5% • Current/Wattage Rating: 2.0 Amps/30 Watts • DC Output Protection: Auto Resetting PTC • Rechargeable Battery Size: Max. 12 Ah • Low Battery Cutoff Threshold: ~10 Volts 7 62158 10212 7 ELK-P212S Supervised Power Supply for M1