b'CDA BACCESS CONTROL MODULE & ACCESSORIESA.ELK-M1KAMM1 Single Door Access ModuleA single door access interface module for use with M1 Controls It installs in place of an M1 Keypad and operates from the RS-485 4-Wire Keypad Data Bus M1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESInput for a standard 26 bit Wiegand Reader Heavy Duty Form "C" Relay Contacts for Switching Door (3)12 VDC Outputs for Door Held Open Alarm(50mA),Strike PowerReady To Arm, and System Armed indications (10mA) Connections: Plug-In Screw Terminals, 16 Position 7 62158 55052 2(2)Supervised Inputs for RTE (Request To Exit) Button/ Operating Voltage: 138VDCDevice and Door Status Sensor Current Draw: Less than 30 mA with minimum activity, Four selectable Time settings for "Request to Exit" and44 mA fully active"Door Held Open" Housing Dimensions: 425" x 6375" x 2125"RoHS Compliant Circuit Board Dimensions: 395" x 2875" x 95"Hardware Watchdog CircuitB.ELK-106055Exterior Proximity ReaderAllows a proximity card or fob to be used with M1 Controls to quickly arm, disarm, operate a door strike, etcConnects to M1 Keypads: Weatherproof - suitable for outdoor installationM1KP & M1KPB Keypads use ELK-W035A harness Size: 3125" x 1 875" x 1"M1KP2 & M1KP3 Keypads use ELK-W039A harness Color: Black 7 62158 55044 7Can be used on any system that is 26 bit WiegandOperating Voltage: 12 VDCcompatible Current draw: 50mARequires M1PRC cards or M1PRF fobs RoHS CompliantC.ELK-M1PRCM1 Proximity "Clam Shell" CardsFor use with the add-on proximity readers: ELK-M1PR for theELK-M1KP keypad or ELK-106055 exterior readerComes in packs of (10) ten Size: 3375" x 2125" x 0625"Credit Card Size RoHS CompliantColor:Off white 7 62158 55006 5D.ELK-M1PRFM1 Proximity Key FobsFor use with the add-on proximity readers:ELK-M1PR for the ELK-M1KP keypad or ELK-106055 exterior readerComes in packs of (10) ten Size: 2125" x 13125" x 25"Attaches to key chain RoHS CompliantColor: Black 7 62158 55007 227'