b'FEDM1 DATA BUS HUBSD. ELK-M1DBHM1 Data Bus HubFor easy connection of expanders & keypads The M1DBH accepts up to 9 RJ45 equipped CAT5 or CAT6 cables, and series connects the data A & B lines so the data bus may be terminated properlyM1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESDesigned for multiple home run cables Input Connectors: Elevator Screw TerminalsInternally connects Data A & B lines fromOutput Connections: RJ-45, 8-Pin Jacksprevious device into next device out Includes ELK-SWP3 Mounting PlateMultiple Hubs may be connected for expansion Circuit Board Size: 5" x 25" x 75"EOL Bus Termination accomplished on-board with Easily snaps into ELK enclosure 7 62158 55002 7included RJ-45 Terminator Plug RoHS CompliantE. ELK-M1DBHRM1 Data Bus Hub for RetrofitActive RS-485 data bus hub for M1 retrofit of older panels with multiple home run, 4-conductor keypad/data wires with M1 Controls The end of each cable is EOL terminated to insure proper operation and supervisionMust be located at main controlSplits main data bus into 4 managed RS-485Inputs: Elevator Screw Terminals (4 position)branches Output: Elevator Screw Terminals (4 position)Each branch can have 2 parallel home run cablesIncludes ELK-SWG for easy mounting in ELK for total of 8home runs enclosuresWorks with standard 4 conductor home run wiring Circuit Board Size: 49" x 275" x 5"Up to 2 hubs can be connected to the M1 board RoHS Compliant 7 62158 55037 9SUPERVISED POWER SUPPLY FOR M1F. ELK-P212SSupervised Remote Power SupplyThis supervised remote power supply/battery charger provides 12 VDC output with up to 2 Amps of total current and supervises the AC power input as well as the rechargeable batteryWhen used with an M1 control, it can report abnormal conditions over the RS485 data bus Data-bus supervision of AC and Battery status AC Input: 165VAC, 45VA (TRG1640 or equiv)Master AC and Battery ON / OFF Power Switch DC Output Voltage: 138 Volts DC +/- 5%Visual AC Power Indicator Current/Wattage Rating: 20 Amps/30 WattsProgrammable relay outputDC Output Protection: Auto Resetting PTC 7 62158 10212 7Two (2) Year Warranty Rechargeable Battery Size: Max 12 AhRoHS Compliant Low Battery Cutoff Threshold: ~10 Volts33'