7 COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE • Intelligent control solutions for lights, thermostats, integrated door locks, garage doors, gates, sprinklers, fans, pumps, water valves, and many other electrical devices. • Devices can be scheduled and controlled based on time of day, occupancy, system status, sunrise/sunset and other environmental conditions. ENERGY MANAGEMENT • Use lighting scenes to dim or automatically turn lights off in unoccupied spaces for reduced energy consumption and extended bulb life. • Ensure comfort and enjoy energy savings with automated thermostat control. • Automate window coverings to make the most of natural light and help heating/cooling systems work more efficiently. • Automate water heaters, electric or gas, to provide substantial energy savings. • Hassle-free remote access with flexible apps and software options for secure connectivity with popularsmart devices. • Supports IP and cellular communications for central station reporting and remote access. • Email and text alerts provide system status and event updates such as arm/ disarm events, temperature alerts, system troubles, etc. • Functionality and style are in perfect balance with keypad options ranging from touch screens to discrete arming stations. • Seamless integration with a variety of software and hardware platforms provides a truly customized user experience. CONTROL CONNECT