b'OTHER M1 ACCESSORIESELK-M1VO Voltage Output Conversion BoardConverts 12 conductor ribbon cable connections to screw terminal connectionsCompatible with positive voltageMounts on self-adhesive feetoutputs of M1 controls and M1XOVRIncludes 6" ribbon cableoutput expanders Dimensions: 1"W x 3" x 625" 7 62158 55087 4Simplifies connections for quicker andRoHS Compliantneater installationsELK-W119Dual Battery Wires for M1 ControlsIncrease the back-up battery capacity of M1 control by installing dual back-up batteries Replaces factory battery wiresIncreases standby power time in the2 Pairs, 24" longevent of an AC power outage Red (+) wires are fuse protected atIdeal for commercial or large residential5 Amps 7 62158 55119 2installations RoHS CompliantM1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESELK-M1BLOCKSTerminal Blocks for M1 Gold ControlsComplete set of 6 plug-in "replacement" terminal blocksIncludes various sizes needed for use with M1 Gold ControlsTerminal blocks are included with M1 Gold KitsRoHS Compliant 7 62158 55028 7ELK-USB232Serial Cable to convert USB to RS-232This special cable is required for the ElkRP2 software to connect with the main serial port of M1 Controls when the computer does not provide a conventional RS-232 9-pin portMale USB to Male DB9 Cable Length: 6\'Speed: USB 20 Includes CD with Device DriversRoHS Compliant 7 62158 55027 0ELK-W040ASerial Ribbon CableThis serial ribbon cable is used to connect the M1 Controls main serial port to the M1XEP Included with ELK-M1XEP.Compact design means cable will notDB9F to DB9Minterfere with the enclosure door Approx 17" longRoHS Compliant 7 62158 55060 7ELK-W018B4-Pin Ribbon CableUsed for connecting expanders and other peripherals to the M1 Gold Control4 pin keyed connectorRoHS CompliantApprox 18" long 7 62158 55066 934'