29 M1 Gold System Design Guide M1 Gold Phoneline M1XEP Ethernet Interface LAN Switch or Router WAN Internet Other "LAN" Devices Universal Devices ISY Battery - 12V 8AH ELK-1280 or equiv. Transformer - 16.5V 45VA ElkTRG1640 or equiv. Zone 16 for 2-Wire Smokes or regular zone (4-wire smokes can be installed on any zone) Aux. 12 VDC Power Outputs (4) RS-232 "Port 0" Supports Only ONE(1) "serially" connected device Computer Up to 9 Total data bus connections M1KNAV Touchscreen Keypad Door Release Garage Opener Pool / Spa 10 flying lead 12 VDC Output etc. Up to 9 Total data bus connections Maximum of 7 Serial Interface/ Expansion Devices M1XSP Serial Expander M1KP2 / M1KP3 LCD Keypad Sixteen (16) EOL (2,200 Ohm) Resistored Zones M1DBH or M1DBHR Data Bus Hub M1KP/M1KPB LCD Keypad M1DBH or M1DBHR Data Bus Hub M1PR Internal Prox. Reader OR Elk106055 External Prox. Reader (compatible 26 bit wiegand reader) or Elk106055 External Prox. Reader Virtually any 26 bit compatible wiegand ext. reader Door Strike or mag. lock Elk106055 External Prox. Reader (compatible 26 bit wiegand reader) M1XSP Serial Expander M1KAM Access Module Sixteen (16) Zones per M1XIN Zone Expander M1XRF (TWM/EG/2H) Wireless Zone Transceiver/Receiver M1XSLZW M1 to Leviton Z-Wave Interface Maximum of 144 Wireless Zones (points) M1RB Relay Board (8 SPDT Relays + 2 Voltage Outputs) M1KPAS LED Arming Station Lutron RadioRA 2 Main Repeater HVAC Thermostat Lighting Product Centralite, ALC, etc. Leviton VRC0P-1LW Z-Wave Serial Interface M1XSLU M1 to Lutron RadioRA 2 Interface Locks Irrigation Pump/Valve etc. M1RB Relay Board (8 SPDT Relays) Maximum of 205 Outputs Inclusive of the 13 from the main M1 Board. M1XOVR 16 Output Expander SPDT RELAY OUTPUT Outdoor Siren (Speaker or Voltage) Indoor Voice/Siren Speaker(s) P212S 12VDC, 2 Amp Supervised Power Supply Powered Device(s) Powered Device(s) M1PCSPIM M1 to UPB Interface M1TWI/M1TWA Two-Way Listen In Interface 3 Mic Zones- Up to 12 Total Listen-In Mics M1TWS/M1TWSF Speaker/Mic Combo M1TWM Microphone M1XSLC M1 to Lutron Caséta or Homeworks QS Interface Kit Lutron Caséta or Homeworks QS System INSTEON Lighting Devices Remote Control from Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Web Browsers OR C1M1 IP/Cell Communicator For product details, instructions on component installation, and integration partners, please visit www.elkproducts.com M1 Controls & Accessories