AND AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE. ELK’s stainless steel enclosed sirens and speakers naturally reflect the mounting surface, blending easily into the surroundings. With the rugged, compact design and corrosion resistant stainless steel construction, these sirens and speakers are perfect for any installation, even in harsh environments. Stainless Steel Enclosed Sirens & Speakers Pg.35 ELK EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS Batteries Pg.46 Structured Wiring Pg.30 Relays Pg.40 UL Listed B Connectors Pg.49 Siren,Voice and Recordable Drivers Pg.38 AC Transformers Pg.45 TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS The pros trust ELK Transformers for quality, installer friendly features, and a hassle-free lifetime warranty. Now these industry favorites are more energy efficient! Surge Suppressors Pg.48 Pg.37 Multi-Purpose Speakers/Sirens Pg.42 Power Supplies