b'THE SMART SECURITY CONTROL MADE FOR INTEGRATIONM1 Controls provide uncompromising security and life safety on site, plus secure connectivity with popular smart devices!M1 goes beyond security with flexible integration and powerful automation features to enhance comfort and convenience.Comprehensive detection and reporting capabilities for intrusion, medical emergencies, water leaks, high/low temperatures, and more.Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.A great option for wine cellars, coolers/freezers, animal habitats, etc.M1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESStay informed with email/text alerts for system status, alarm events, unsatisfactory conditions, and other events.Intelligent automation & control of devices including lights, thermostats, integrated locks, overhead doors, fans, pumps, irrigation, water valves, and more.Control M1 from popular smart devices with flexible apps and software options.18'