b'CBAM1 HARDWIRED INPUT & OUTPUT EXPANSIONA. ELK-M1XIN M1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESM1 16 Zone Input ExpanderAdds 16 hardwired zones (with or without EOL resistor supervised) to the M1 Controls Up to 12 may be added, increasing the M1Gold to 208 and the M1EZ8 to 200 total zones (inputs)Operates from 4-wire data bus Operating Power Range: 9 to 14VDCDip Switch address settings Current Draw: 65mAPlug-in terminal strips Size: 6" x 325" x 75"Status and diagnostic LED Includes ELK-SWG for easy mounting in 7 62158 55017 1RoHS Compliant ELK enclosuresUL ListedB. ELK-M1XOVRM1 16 Output Expander, 8 Voltage & 8 RelaysAdds 16 outputs (8 voltage, 8 relays) to M1 Controls Voltage outputs can be used to trigger low current devices (50 mA max each)Operates from 4-wire data bus Up to 12 output expanders may be used for a total of 205 outputsOption: convert 8 voltage outputs to relays using M1RB Relay BoardOperates from 4-wire data bus Relays: SPDT rated for 7A @ 28VDC,Up to 12 Output Expanders may be added 10A @ 125 VACDIP Switch address settings Voltage Outputs: 12 VDC @ 50mA eachIncludes 12 conductor "Flying Lead" Operating Power Range: 9 to 14VDC 7 62158 55019 5Wiring Harness Current Draw 65mA Nom, 330 mA MaxStatus and diagnostic LED Size: 6" x 325" x 75"RoHS Compliant Includes ELK-SWG for easy mounting inUL Listed ELK enclosuresC. ELK-M1RBPlug-in Relay BoardUsed to convert the voltage outputs of M1 Controls into SPDT relaysProvides 8 Relay Outputs Relay Contact Ratings: 7A @ 28VDC, Plugs directly into M1 Controls or 10A @ 125VACELK-M1XOVR Wire harness length: 24"Includes ELK-SWG for easy mounting Current draw: 0mA Idle, 250mA Maxin ELK enclosures Size: 6" x 325" x 75" 7 62158 55008 9LED Status Indicators on all 8 Relays RoHS CompliantUL Listed35'