b'A, BCMOTION & GLASSBREAK SENSORSIndoor PIR Motion SensorsIdeal for residential and light commercial installationsInnovative features ensure reliable performance and convenienceConvenient panel initiated walk test mode Selectable coverage range and pulse count Industry First Security/Convenience Light with:High quality dual element Pyroelectric sensor - Momentary motion activation during walk test902 Mhz - 928 Mhz frequency hopping - Flashing during audible alarm activationIncludes standard swivel mounting bracket - Programmable "on" activation through M1 Rules Size: 28" x 44" x 19"TWO-WAY WIRELESS SENSORSCompatible with E27 & M1 Controls RoHS CompliantA.ELK-6030 ELK-603022Standard Version 7 62158 16023 3 Deluxe 90 Swivel Mounting BracketB.ELK-6030PPet Immune up to 40 lbs 7 62158 16025 7 7 62158 16024 0D.ELK-6040Glass Break SensorListens for actual patterns of breaking glass across the full audio band using Pattern Recognition7 62158 16030 1Technology The factory set recognition patterns make it possible to detect the difference between breaking glass of framed perimeter windows in a building vs a drinking glass breaking within a roomPattern Recognition Technology Compatible with E27 & M1 Controls Min Distance from Glass: 4 ft (12m)Alarm LED - RED (viewable from front) Omni-directional microphone, 360RoHS CompliantRF Acknowledge LED - Bi-Color (viewableDetectionwith cover removed) Detection Range:20 ft (6m) TWO-WAY WIRELESS SENSOR BATTERY REPLACEMENT GUIDESensor Part# Battery Type Voltage Qty Sensor Part# Battery Type Voltage QtyELK-6010 CR2032 Lithium 3V 1 ELK-6030 CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6011 CR2032 Lithium 3V 1 ELK-6030P CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6020 1/2 AA Lithium 36V 1 ELK-6032 CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6020BR 1/2 AA Lithium 36V 1 ELK-6040 CR123A Lithium 3V 1ELK-6021 CR2032 Lithium 3V 1 ELK-6050 CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6021BR CR2032 Lithium 3V 1 ELK-6051 AAA Alkaline 15V 2ELK-6022 CR123A Lithium 3V 1 ELK-6052 CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6023 1/2 AA Lithium 36V 1 ELK-6053 CR123A Lithium 3V 2ELK-6023BR 1/2 AA Lithium 36V 140'