b'ABCDSIREN DRIVERSA.ELK-130High Powered Siren DriverThis exceptionally loud, industrial grade siren driver utilizes an intense sweeping yelp sound With its wide operating voltage range, loudness, and the capability of powering from one source while being triggered from another,the ELK-130 is like no other loud sirenThis unique driver is ideal for security, early warning, crowd protection, and many other applicationsExtremely Powerful - Over 500 Watt Output Operating Voltage: 12-24 Volts DC2 Sounds - Yelp or Steady Current Draw: 15 Amps (12VDC, 8 Ohms), 3 Amps Heavy duty terminals for aux power input and speaker(12VDC, 4 Ohms), 24 Amps (24VDC, 1 Ohm), 7 62158 00130 7output to accommodate larger wire gauges Speaker Load: Rated down to 1 OhmLifetime Limited Warranty Size: 513 x 4 x 106Output: 130 db @ 1 meter, 24VDC RoHS CompliantTrigger Voltage: 9-24 VDCB.ELK-110CO, Burg & Fire Voice Siren Driver with Temporal Codes & VolumeStepThe ELK-110 is ideal for residential and commercial alarm applications It combines the advantages of high quality voice messages with conventional siren and temporal code tone sounds It features 3 input channels, bilingual voice messages, and many unique options3 Input Channels: Burglar, Fire, and CO Temporal Coded Tones - ANSI standard AudibleSiren only, Voice only, or combinationEmergency Evacuation SignalingBilingual Voice: English and/or Spanish Freq Temporal 3=800Hz, Temporal 4=1000Hz 7 62158 00110 9C.ELK-100High Performance Siren DriverGreat for residential or commercial alarm installations, the ELK-100 offers 2 volume levels simultaneously, allowing exterior sound to be louder than interiorTwo Volume Level Choices Pre-Wired for easy installation7 62158 00100 0D.ELK-101Two Channel Low Current Siren DriverThe ELK-101 is a two channel (Yelp and Steady) siren driverIt can be powered from 6 or 12 VDC and is compatible with a wide variety of alarm panelsThe very low current draw of this driver allows it to work when other drivers cant, eliminating need for extra relays and power suppliesTwo channel operation, steady and yelp sounds Terminal blocks for easy hookupSteady overrides yelp if both are triggered Reverse polarity protectionVery low current draw 7 62158 00101 759'