b'ELK relays are ideal for security, automation, or access control application requiring devices such as strobes, siren drivers, lights, long range radios, garage doors, audibles, timers, etc The high contact ratingof ELK relays allows control of a greater range of devicesAll ELK relays are built to last and are backed by our hassle-free lifetime warrantyA.ELK-941Alarm Output DirectorAllows single output control to activate 2 separate relays to provide steady voltage to 2 devices Intelligently determines whether the source is pulsing or steady Can be triggered by a positive or7 62158 00941 9negative source Possible uses include triggering long-range radio or cellular dialers, fire bells, strobes and siren driversIdeal For Two (2) Channel Long Range Radio,Meets ANSI S341 Audible Emergency Cellular Transmitters, or strobes Evacuation Signals 3-Pulse PatternB.ELK-960Relay Module with TimerEconomical and flexible relay with timer for all purpose useIt features positive or negative trigger logic with triggers as low as 45 V, making it compatible with 5 V logic outputs 7 62158 00960 0Adjustable Time Delay Configurable to be normally on or normally offOperating Modes: One-Shot or Repeat Time Settings: 1-60 Seconds or 1-60 MinutesLow Current Input Trigger (1mA)RELAYS & TIMERSSensitive Relay, 12/24 VoltSensitive trigger, heavy duty relay module with DPDT (Form "C") dry contactsTrigger Current: 12mA @ 5-24VDC Voltage Input LED12 or 24 VDC Selectable Operation Mounts in Standard 275" Snap TrackC.ELK-924 ELK-9244Single Relay Snap-Apart 4 Pack7 62158 00924 2 7 62158 09244 2Relay, 12/24 VoltQuality, heavy duty relay module with SPDT Form "C" dry contacts and LED indicatorHigh Quality Large Cross Head Screw Terminals Voltage Input and Status LEDLow Current DrawD.ELK-912B ELK-912B6Single Relay 7 62158 10912 6 Snap-Apart 6 Pack 7 62158 60912 1Compact Relay, 12 VoltQuality, heavy duty relay module with SPDT (Form "C") dry contacts Small and versatile Low Current DrawE.ELK-912 ELK-91212Single Relay Snap-Apart 12 Pack7 62158 00912 9 7 62158 91212 263'