16 Keypads for M1 Controls Navigator Touchscreen Keypad Navigator is a stylish, touchscreen keypad for use with M1 Control Systems. It features a touch sensitive, 3.5" LCD color display with colorful icons and text for easy control of the entire system. It connects to the M1 panel via the RS-485 data bus, making it simple for new or retrofit installations. Not only is Navigator stylish, it simplifies total system control. Navigator comes with a designer white bezel, but the optional replacement bezels allow easy conversion to black or silver. • Hi-Contrast LCD Touchscreen Display • Six (6) Programmable Function Keys • Unique "Menu" Navigation • Information screen displays installer contact details • Built-in Piezo Sounder with adjustable volume and pitch • One (1) Supervised Zone Input • One (1) "Switched Positive" Voltage Output • Optional raceway back box for solid wall mount • Fits into horizontally positioned single gang box • Connection: 6 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Cable • Operating Voltage: 13.8 VDC • Current draw: ~30mA Idle (low back light, sounder silent) ~ 55 mA fully active (max back light and sounder active) • Dimensions: 4.25"W x 3.38"H x .59"D • RoHS Compliant Silver Bezels • Color Change for M1KPNAV • Package of 2 • RoHS Compliant ELK-M1BZSKN 7 62158 55080 5 ELK-M1BBKN 7 62158 55078 2 Surface Mount Back Box • Use for mounting the M1KPNAV on concrete/block (non-hollow) surface or with wire raceway • RoHS Compliant Black Bezels • Color Change for M1KPNAV • Package of 2 • RoHS Compliant ELK-M1BZBKN 7 62158 55079 9 7 62158 55077 5 ELK-M1KPNAV Arming Station Small, economical, arm/disarm station for M1 Controls fits into single gang box and utilizes a standard decorator style faceplate (not included). Displays basic system status with 3 LEDs: Green "Ready", Yellow "Trouble", and Red "Armed". The 12 button keypad is backlit with blue LEDs and has quick arm keys for "Exit" and "Stay". The M1KPAS also provides access to six (6) programmable function operations by pressing the "F" (Function) key followed by one of the keys (1 through 6). ELK-M1KPAS 7 62158 55054 6 • Blue Backlit Keys • Instant Activation of 6 Tasks • Built-in Piezo Sounder • Quick Arm Exit & Stay Keys • LED Status Indicators • Connection: 4 Pin Plug-in "Flying Lead" Connector (Included) • Color: White • Operating Voltage: 13.8VDC • Current Draw: Less than 30 mA with min. activity - 44 mA fully active • Size: 1.81" x 2.75" x 1.13" • RoHS Compliant M1 Controls & Accessories